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Check out Wil and Wes and the Schedulefly Journey - a raw, honest podcast on owning and running our small business. Recorded in our cars, houses and in the woods.

Travis Todd, member of the Schedulefly community, shares the story of Ocean Odyssey

Sep 20, 2016 | Schedulefly Crew
Travis Todd's grandparents started a small crab factory in 1947 to produce some of the finest Blue Crab meet on the eastern shore. Nearly 70 years later, the business has evolved into a beloved destination restaurant run by third generation family members. Travis Todd grew up around the family business and has been a part of it for most of his life. My opinion from listening to Travis talk about a lifetime spent in the business is that he's a down-to-earth, hard worker who is a great leader for his team and has a genuine passion for his family's business. This interview was both fun and inspiring for me. I hope you'll take time to enjoy it...