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Check out Wil and Wes and the Schedulefly Journey - a raw, honest podcast on owning and running our small business. Recorded in our cars, houses and in the woods.

A memorable milestone

Apr 28, 2015 | Schedulefly Crew
Late last week, we officially reached 5,000 customers. It's taken almost 8 years - since we get them one at a time, but man it's sure flown by. It’s a really memorable milestone for us - maybe the best yet. I think it’s so cool because there are still just 5 of us running Schedulefly. 5 guys in NC serving 5,000 businesses and over 200,000 individual people in every state in the US is just amazing. I am so thankful that the 5 of us make conscious decisions to try and keep things from getting too complicated and eventually becoming something we no longer enjoy doing.

Here’s to our 5,000 awesome customers and Wil, Charles, Hank and Tyler!