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A few cool things about our book...

Nov 30, 2011 | Schedulefly Crew
We recently received this note from Keith Santangelo, GM of Bourbon Street Bar & Grille in NYC: "I'm almost done reading Restaurant Owners Uncorked. I flew through it, tons of great knowledge. Awesome job. A must have for all operators or prospective owners."

We've only heard great things from people who've read the book, and that's not surprising. The stories and lessons and wisdom and practical advice those twenty owners shared are phenomenal! So it makes sense that Keith recommends it so strongly. Put it this way, Restaurant Owners Uncorked is the written version of bellying up to the bar, or sitting down to coffee, with twenty successful independent restaurant owners and having an hour or so with each of them, to pick their brains and find out all you could about why they are successful.

Keith's note also got me thinking about sharing some "behind the curtains" stuff about the book's sales so far, the (minimal) money we make on the sales, why we're glad we sell 3x as many hard copy books as we do Kindle versions, etc. Enjoy...