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We'll never wonder where to eat again...

Oct 18, 2011 | Schedulefly Crew
It occurred to me recently that no matter where any of us at Schedulefly travel, we'll always know where to eat. We have customers all all over the map!

So when Wes's dad and sister went to NYC last weekend, they asked Wes if we served any cool places in Tribeca. Of course we do, and one of them is Sarabeth's, a place so popular that Holly and Mr. Aiken had to make reservations for lunch at 11am on a Saturday. That's right - 11am. And it's no surprise either. Sarabeth's is wildly popular. Here's their story...

In 1981, Sarabeth and her husband Bill Levine opened a small retail store on the upper west side of Manhattan. The store started out as a bakery and jam shop, where customers could see the jams being cooked in a kettle and ladled into jars. The aroma of fresh baked muffins, pastries, cookies and cakes wafted across Amsterdam Avenue luring customers into the tiny space to savor the goodies emerging fresh baked from her ovens. Sarabeth's Kitchen restaurants are now serving savory meals in eight different locations, and Sarabeth's legendary fruit preserves are available in stores around the world.

The report from the Aiken crew was that Sarabeth's more than lived up to it's reputation, and I imagine Wes and I will be visiting this spring when we go on our RV customer tour.