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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Bouldin Cafe from Austin, TX is a cool new family member...

It is incredibly fun to check out the web sites of new customers. I'll admit I occasionally get caught up sitting at my desk listening to Pandora and clicking on tons of web pages. But heck, it's a fun way to spend a rainy afternoon! You get to see the personality of each restaurant. What are they trying to be? Who do they want to serve? What's their vibe?

One place that knows exactly what it wants to be and who it wants to serve is Bouldin Creek Cafe in Austin, TX. This 75-staff, funky spot serves up awesome vegetarian food and fantastic coffee. It's got a fun, low key atmosphere, a vibrant staff, and tons of loyal customers.

To everybody at Bouldin Creek Cafe, all of us on the Schedulefly crew are stoked to have y'all in the Schedulefly family!


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