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It ain't just about the schedule...

Sep 8, 2011 | Schedulefly Crew
In the aftermath of Hurricane Irene barreling up the East Coast recently and wreaking havoc on coastal communities from N.C. to Maine, we couldn't be more pleased that our awesome customers were able to use Schedulefly to communicate important info to lots of people - with a click. Here's a great example from Mike Vuocolo at Jenkinson's in Pt. Pleasant Beach, NJ:

"Schedulefly really is great for emergencies. I am able to awake at 5 am and call off the staff for the entire day, in this case 2 days.  Because we are a beach resort we really had a mess to clean up. It allowed me to call for 'all hands on deck' so whoever wanted to come in to help clean was welcome, regardless of job title or regular assignment. The owners and the Public Info staff are also in the loop via text and email so they can plan and react accordingly. Don't know how we operated without Schedulefly in the past."

Mike, we're glad you and your team are all o.k., and we're excited to have your business!

The Schedulefly Crew