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Check out Wil and Wes and the Schedulefly Journey - a raw, honest podcast on owning and running our small business. Recorded in our cars, houses and in the woods.

The box...

Sep 6, 2011 | Schedulefly Crew
For the last couple of years, I have been mailing our Flip cam to customers in this box, ot enable them to film videos of themselves saying why they love Schedulefly.  I never give them suggestions. My instructions are always to simply "grab a few staff members and ask them why they like Schedulefly and then turn on the camera, and send it back to me with whatever you record." We have a few of these videos on our web site, and this Vimeo channel hosts all of them. And today I am officially retiring the box. I bet it has been used 20+ times and has served us well. But with the ability for customers to use iPhones or other mobile phones with built-in, high quality video cameras, we no longer need to go through through trouble - and expense - of mailing the box and paying for return shipping. Our customers can simply email us the videos.

The box will stay on my desk for a while, collecting sentimental dust and hoping for another chance. But like an aging veteran ball player who was great for many years, there comes a time to call it quits and let a new round of superstars emerge.

So, thank you box, for a job well done...