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The Stars of Restaurant Owners Uncorked: Chris Sommers

Mar 30, 2011 | Schedulefly Crew
Pi Pizzeria has been wildly successful in a short amount of time. Chris and his partner, Frank Uible, opened their first location on "Pi Day" March 14 (3.14) 2008, and by that October then-Senator and presidential candidate Barack Obama enjoyed some of their pizza after a St. Louis campaign rally. He loved it, and Pi, which was already very popular, became a sensation. They now have four locations and a mobile pizza truck, and they are opening in Washington, D.C. this June. Chris left to open Pi after buying a recipe for an insanely good deep dish pizza from a small pizzeria that he frequented in San Francisco. He is extremely smart, has great business instincts and has learned quite a bit in the last few years. Here are a few of the key points he made in our interview...

- Delegate your way to success
- Make being "green" a core part of your DNA
- Internal communication and transparency are critical
- Evolve or die
- Dine in lots of other places
- Make job applicants do their homework

Learn more from Chris and all of the other successful restaurant owners in our book, available in a paperback or Kindle version on Amazon.

The Schedulefly Crew

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