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Check out Wil and Wes and the Schedulefly Journey - a raw, honest podcast on owning and running our small business. Recorded in our cars, houses and in the woods.

Yummy! The Penny Ice Creamery Joins The Schedulefly Family

Dec 16, 2010 | Schedulefly Crew
Welcome to Zac, Kendra, and the fun crew at The Penny Ice Creamery in Santa Cruz, CA! They're the only folks making ice cream in Santa Cruz completely from scratch, and they use local and sustainably grown ingredients. We're stoked to help make their lives easier.

Look at this lineup: today's flavors are Rum Raisin, Bitter Caramel, Rocky Road, Parsnip Nutmeg, Meadowsweet, Pomegranate Lime Sorbet, Black Tea Orange, Vanilla Bean, and Dark Chocolate Sorbet. What can we say? If you live in or around Santa Cruz, count yourself lucky. We're jealous.

The Schedulefly Crew