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Psst! Just An Easy Quick Reminder

Jun 2, 2010 | Schedulefly Crew
I wanted an easy to way to create a reminder while on the go - one that would be emailed back to me on a date I set. I didn't really care what time of day it came. I just cared that it reminded me sometime in the early morning - so I would have it in my inbox when I woke up. Seems like I'm always getting things via email that I do not want to forget and I needed a way to just fwd them to a program that would send them back later. I did not want to have to go to a website or open an app on my phone to add the reminder - I just wanted a way to email it in. So I created a program to do this and Wil and I started using it like crazy. We decided it would be cool to add to our app - made sense for it be there and it couldn't be easier to use. Here is a quick demo on how it works...