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New Mobile Site - Simple, Easy, Fast, Powerful

Dec 16, 2009 | Schedulefly Crew
We've just launched a NEW mobile site ( and wanted to share some details on our blog. The main enhancement was a redesign of the pages. We got too fancy with our first version. It either worked great or did not work at all - depended on the device's browser capabilities.

So we created a new site that is much more usable across devices, simpler, much faster and even easier to use. Since it is a site that you access from your mobile browser - we can deploy changes quickly and seamlessly. It just works better for everyone. The site will remember your login - so a bookmark of it puts you one click (or touch) away from your stuff.

While developing the new pages - we took the opportunity to add in a few new goodies. Here's what you can do now from your mobile device:

- View Today's Crib Sheet (Who is at work, daily notes and events)
- View Your Schedule, Offer up Shifts and Pickup Shifts
- Approve or Decline Shift Trade Requests
- Check and Post to Your Message Wall
- Read and Reply to Inbox Messages
- View Employee Directory and Contact Information
- Check Labor Costs against Sales Forecasts

Also - if you have more than one location and use the Schedulefly Dashboard - the mobile site will show you your locations and let you choose the one you'd like to visit.

Here are a few mobile screen shots.

Daily Crib Sheet

Pending Shift Trades
Multi-Unit Dashboard

Labor Cost Summary

Staff Contact Info

Message Wall

We would love to have you give our employee scheduling and communication software a free trial.

The Schedulefly Team