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Restaurant Groups and Chains Don't Need To Buy or Build Intranets - They Can Just Use Schedulefly

Oct 30, 2009 | Schedulefly Crew
Many restaurant groups and chains are looking into Intranet options - they want portals to enable easy internal communication and access to important documents and information. They should look no further - Schedulefly is the leader in providing easy, simple, and powerful restaurant communications.

You see, Schedulefly isn't just a restaurant employee scheduling application. It is a powerful tool that enables restaurants to make both scheduling and communication easy and simple. For example, our multi-unit dashboard enables owners to blast a text message to all employees at all locations - with a single click.

It also enables owners, HR managers, Operations managers, etc. to post important documents to all locations' Schedulefly pages (see screen shot below) - and see real time which employees have read those documents! Want to post a new menu and text all employees with a note to view it ASAP - you can do it with one click! Oh, and by the way, if you'd like to see today's scheduled labor costs as a % of today's sales forecast at each location, you can do that to - once again, with a single click.

Here is a screen shot of our multi-unit dashboard - where your can post an important company message to all staff at all locations with one click.

Or upload an HR document to all locations with one click. A link to this new document will be added to each account's message wall too!

Hop into a particular location to see who has downloaded a company document.

Share photos and comments with staff on the company message wall - like this photo of a packed house on Friday night!

Want to improve your communications - and make employee scheduling easy and fun while you are at it? Sign up for a free 30-day trial today!

Schedulefly Team