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Schedulefly Launches Twitter Integration

Jul 23, 2008 | Schedulefly Crew
Schedulefly users can now post updates to their Twitter account while checking their work schedule, posting messages or trading shifts. More and more people are using Schedulefly on a daily basis to connect with their co-workers for various reasons. We thought that the Twitter question "what are you doing?" was a good question to ask Schedulefly users while they are logged in - since they are often taking some action or learning something that directly or indirectly affects those around them....

A couple of examples:

1. You’re Requesting Time Off: Drop a tweet to let Mom, Dad, big brother and little sister know that you just asked off for the family beach vacation - WELL in advance. They can now send the deposit and start planning!

2. You’re Picking up a Shift: It's Friday morning and you just picked up a Friday night shift. Drop a tweet to your friends to let them know you'll be arriving fashionably late to the party that night....but with cash in your pocket!

3. You’re Reading a Message on the Company Message Board: You just read a message from your manager that tomorrow night is half price appetizers and $2 Margaritas - Spread the Word! Drop a quick tweet to let your crew know....your manager will thank you.

We've also added the twitter timeline of a user to their Schedulefly profile - along side their contact information and upcoming work schedule.

Twitter is fun and certainly useful. It definitely adds some fun and usefulness to online employee scheduling at Schedulefly. Thanks Twitter - for a great API!

Schedulefly Team
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