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NC Pizza Restaurants Dig Schedulefly

Aug 25, 2007 | Schedulefly Crew
Mellow Mushroom Pizza Bakers in Raleigh and Durham NC have been using Schedulefly's web-based restaurant scheduling software for over a year. Karen, the manager who makes the Raleigh schedule, had this to say just last week...

I used to dread sitting down to make the schedule every week. Schedulefly has made the entire process so much easier, not only for me, but for my staff. I can work on the schedule and approve schedule changes anywhere and anytime. I make sure I have the right people scheduled for the right shifts at a glance.

My staff loves being able to access the schedule from home. In the restaurant industry we work on different time schedules than most of the world. If Jessica remembers she needs off for her Mom's birthday at 3:00 AM she can log on and request the day off right then, in her pajamas. She doesn't have to make a special trip to the store just to check the schedule or request a day off.

I also love being able to communicate with the entire staff with just one click. I can send messages when I email the schedule or send a note mid week to alert the staff to special events or just to tell them to keep up the good work.

The Schedulefly team does a great job of adapting and creating changes that make the service even better. I can send an idea or question and have a response almost immediately.

Schedulefly has made to once dreaded chore of scheduling much easier. I spend less time juggling staff scheduling problems and more time making sure our customers have great experience at the Mellow Mushroom.